Use this simple tip to power up weapons a bit faster!

  • Select the weapon you want to power up
  • Tap any open slot to add weapons to the POWER UP
  • When your weapons list pops up on the right, you can reliably select up to three weapons at the same time
  • Each weapon you want to add must be visible without scrolling
  • Quickly tap one, two, or three weapons, and each tapped weapon will be added to the POWER UP

Follow this video walkthrough!

A couple things to note:

  • This really only works when you have a large inventory. 'Large' is very subjective, so we don't have an exact number of items. We would venture to say that you should have at least 100 weapons for this to work.
  • Occasionally, you can actually select four weapons at once!
  • This can potentially cut down the time spent opening the right-side weapons list by about 66%!!