Long-time Afterpulse players will tell you that it can be hard to find 'full' lobbies; Players are often faced with an 'empty' lobby. Depending on some factors like time-of-day - but mostly just randomness - certain regions will be more active than others at a given time.

Perhaps you are in the US but want to play opponents in Germany, or vice versa, or any other similar situation. Well, you can easily do this by using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) application.

The following steps will feature an app call VPN Master, which has proved to be a decent, reliable choice for Afterpulse. However, there are countless VPN apps on the App Store, and no matter which you choose, the basic ideas here are the same.

  • 1. Download VPN Master from the App Store.
    • There is a free version that will do just fine.
    • If you opt to spend $2.99 for VPN Master Pro, you might have even better performance and reliability. It's your choice!
  • 2. Open VPN Master (whichever version you chose)
    • In the top right there is a crown with the text 'VIP.' Tapping this icon will present an option for a subscription service. You shouldn't need to purchase this option, but if you're a high roller, nobody will stop you!
    • In the top left will be a hamburger menu. Tap this, and then go to 'Server List.' (The Server List can also be accessed by simply tapping the country name at the top of the screen.)
  • 3. Select Your Desired Region
    • With the Server List open, you will see a tab of 'Free' and one of 'VIP.' Assuming you didn't purchase the VIP subscription, you can select from the 'Free' list. There might not be too many options, but there should be enough to at least allow a handful of different regions.
    • At the time of this writing, the Free list contains: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Holland, Germany, and Singapore. This should at least give you three Afterpulse regions (United States & Canada == US, United Kingdom & Holland & Germany == EU, and Singapore == SEA).
    • Tap a country in the region you want to connect to. The globe on the main screen of the app will gain a gladiator-style helmet, thus indicating that the connection was successful.
  • 4. Open Afterpulse, and Connect to Multiplayer
    • That's it! You will now be searching for games in the region you selected.
  • 5. To End Your Session
    • To stop using the VPN and go back to your default network connection, either force-close the app or hit the little power button on the app's main screen and select 'Disconnect'.
  • 6. A Note About the Free Version
    • The free version is usually flooded with ads. Almost everytime you connect to a region you will be shown a new ad. Unless you opt to pay for an ad-less experience, this is something that you will just have to deal with.

This is a great option to try and find Event games, which are typically much harder to fill lobbies. Event can be found by going to Multiplayer->Ranked->Event. Be sure to check it out - Event matches can be tons of fun!

Since this guide was posted, an Afterpulse trick was discovered that allows you to do the same thing without using a third-party app. Checkout this forum post for more.