There are several Afterpulse clans and groups in existence as players have taken to organizing together. This page is intended to detail those clans and groups along with cool information that dedicated Afterpulse players should know.

    Custom matches are where friends come to battle each other - whether as teams or 1v1. Several people and groups have held cool matches like mastodon battles, pistol fights, king of the hill games, and more! Adding custom matches has further driven players to befriend others in the game, and with the rise in organization we might someday see a clan-battle or friend-invite system. This is highly anticipated, requested by many, and it could really shape the landscape of the game.

    Update: After waiting several years, the hopes of seeing any type of friend, clan, or team selection features is all but diminished.

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GamingWillis #gamingwillis

This is an open Discord server created and maintained by GamingWillis. There is a large Afterpulse community here, but there are also communities for other games. The group is essentially an extension of the GamingWillis YouTube channel, so communities for any games played there can be found on this server.

Common nicknames: "GW Server", "Willis Server", "GamingWillis Server"

Click here to join the group or to add GamingWillis as a Discord friend.

Since this group is our official Discord server, the info here will most likely remain up to date.

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